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Wikipedia: cancerogenicity
The potential of a chemical substance to induce cancer (uncontrolled cell proliferation) in an organism. mutagenicity
capillary gas chromatography:
Wikipedia: capillary gas chromatography
A separation technique as in gas chromatography but using thin glass or silca capillaries coated with stationary phase (inner diameter: 0.2 - 1 mm, length: 5 - 50 m) gas chromatography
Wikipedia: catalyst
A substance that accelerates a chemical reaction without affecting the chemical equilibrium. The activation energy of the reaction is lowered. By definition a catalyst is not used up at all or only in extremely small amounts during a reaction. Catalysts can also direct the stereoselectivity of the reaction.
Wikipedia: chromatogram
The graphical output for a chromatographic separation, where the detector signal versus time is shown.
Wikipedia: chromatography
A physicochemical method for separation of substances by differential distribution between a mobile and a stationary phase and by different adsorption to the stationary phase. mobile phase, stationary phase
chronic toxicity:
Wikipedia: chronic toxicity
Toxicity of repeated (usually low) doses of a chemical spread over a longer exposure time, mostly for longer than six months. acute toxicity
co-product: A chemical product that is produced besides the wanted main product according to a stoichiometric equation. In a reaction according to A + B = C + D, C is the main product and D is the co-product (often a salt). In some cases an alternative choice for the reaction type can avoid co-products. by-product, couple product
couple product: Product which is produced besides the wanted main product, either inevitable, planned or not planned. The proportion of product to couple product is not neccessarily stoichiometrically defined. co-product, by-product
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