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dangerous trace impurity:
Wikipedia: dangerous trace impurity
Toxicologically or ecotoxicologically very critical substances which occur in amounts below 1 % of the raw product. by-product
data availability: Classification of the availability of data concerning physical, chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties. Evaluation of substances
detectors in gas chromatography: FID - flame ionisation detector
MSD - mass spectrometricr detector
WLD - thermal conductivity detector
ECD - electron capture detector
NPD - nitrogen/ phosphorus sensitive detector.
Wikipedia: dioxins
Generic term used for chlorinated 1,4-dibenzodioxins. The most toxic and well-investigated representative is the Seveso toxin, 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxin. POP, PCB
dispersion forces:
Wikipedia: dispersion forces
Dispersion forces (attractive) are present between all molecules (color code: yellow). They are especially important in gas chromatography. molecular interaction potential
distribution chromatography: physicochemical chromatographic technique. adsorption chromatography
DNA repair:
Wikipedia: DNA repair
Result of a test that measures the potential of a chemical substance to inhibit the cellular repair of DNA damage produced by mutagenic substances or by background mutagenicity. mutagenicity
dynamic viscosity:
Wikipedia: dynamic viscosity
A measure of the tendency to flow of a fluid, which depends on the internal friction.
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