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LC50: The concentration of a substance in a surrounding medium [g/l in water or air], at which 50 percent of the tested organisms die. Analogous definitions apply to LC10, LC5, etc. with corresponding effect levels. EC50
Wikipedia: LD50
The (usually one-time) dose of a substance in [g/kg body weight], at which 50 percent of the tested organisms die. It is dependent on the route of application.
liquid chromatography:
Wikipedia: liquid chromatography
Liquid chromatography (LC) is used for separation of substances by a mobile phase (solvent mixtures or buffers) and a stationary phase which can be e.g. silica (SiO2) packed in columns.
local dipole moment:
Wikipedia: local dipole moment
A local dipole moment is formed between atoms of the same molecule with different electronegativity (code: an arrow with its tip pointing to the negative partial charge). molecular interaction potential
LOEC: Lowest Observed Effect Concentration. The lowest tested concentration which produces a statistically significant effect on the test organism in relation to the control within a certain exposition time. NOEC
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