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Wikipedia: PAH
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. A substance class of several hundred hydrocarbons with at least three condensed aromatic benzenoid rings. POP
pattern analysis: Comparison of two different chromatograms produced with the same chromatographic method.
Wikipedia: PCB
Polychlorinated biphenyls. A substance class of 209 organochlorine compounds based on the biphenyl molecular skeleton, that exhibit high persistence and chronic toxicity. POP, dioxins
peak: The detector signal corresponding to a substance in a chromatogram.
permissible air concentration:
Wikipedia: permissible air concentration
Time-weighted average concentration of a chemical in air, that must not be exceeded during an exposure of 8 hours per day and a 40 h working week. threshold limit value
persistence: The ability of a chemical to remain in the environment because of insufficient biotic and/ or abiotic degradation. biological degradation potential
pi-pi molecular interactions: pi-pi molecular interactions are formed between molecules with conjugated pi-electron systems (color code: violet). molecular interaction potential
Wikipedia: PND
Phosphorus /nitrogen selective detector for the gas chromatography. NPD
Wikipedia: POP
Persistent Organic Pollutants. A substance class of especially persistent chemicals (12 different subclasses) PAH, PCB
Wikipedia: product
Products are all compounds that are produced by a chemical reaction. More specifically, only the desired final product which is isolated and purified is called product. by-product, co-product
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