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reaction conditions: Concentration of the educts, choice of the solvents, temperature, reaction time, use of catalysts. Reaction conditions must be optimized for an optimal yield. This can be done by following the kinetics of the reaction with chromatography od spectroscopy.
reaction enthalpy:
Wikipedia: reaction enthalpy
Difference of the enthalpy before and after a chemical reaction, identical to the isobaric heat of reaction heat of reaction
Wikipedia: reagent
Material that reacts at least partly during a chemical recation. The NOP adopts the definition of the Beilstein database that every starting material that contributes at least one C-atom to the product is called an educt. educt
refractive index:
Wikipedia: refractive index
Characteristic substance specific property that can be determined with a refractometer. The refractive index is dependent on the wavelength of the measuring light (usually the sodium D line - 589 nm).
renewable resources:
Wikipedia: renewable resources
Resources for production of materials, that can be produced from plants or other biological organisms. Renewable Feedstocks
reproductive toxicity: This general term is used for (not genetically determined) developmental toxicity of chemicals affecting the embryo as well as damage do the reproductive system of adults.
RI detector: Detector for HPLC based on the refractive index (may be used to detect all substances). HPLC
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