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thermal conductivity detector:
Wikipedia: thermal conductivity detector
Relatively unspecific detector for gas chromatography.
Wikipedia: thermochemistry
A special subject of general thermodynamics that deals with the interaction of heat with chemical processes.
thin layer chromatography:
Wikipedia: thin layer chromatography
In thin layer chromatography (TLC) organic solvent mixtures or buffers are used as mobile phases. The stationary phase is a thin layer of Al2O3 or SiO2 on glass, plastics or aluminum plates.
threshold limit value:
Wikipedia: threshold limit value
The airborne concentration of a chemical to which it is believed that healthy working adults may be exposed safely through a 40 h working week and a full working life. Measued as time-weighted average. In Germany as "MAK". permissible air concentration
toxicity equivalence factor: The toxicity equivalence factor (TEF) is used to compare the toxicity of different chemical substances which share a common mechanism of action. Primarily they are used for e.g. dioxins, where they are based on the specific ability to elicit dioxin-like effects. TEFs are only valid for specific organisms, enzymes and effects.
I-TEF = International toxicity equivalence factor
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