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How can aspects of sustainable development be integrated into the practical education in organic synthesis?

Since the times of alchemy chemical transformations are fascinating to many. In order to gain experimental skills in chemistry traditional basic operations and modern techniques have to be practised. In the course of this, students will encounter many substances - starting from old acquaintances up to new specialty chemicals. The materials offered in NOP are intended to support the organic chemistry experimentator by diligently prepared synthesis instructions, comprehensive additional information to experiments and background information around the organic synthesis in an optimal way.
However, even more effort is needed to convey tools to coming generations of chemists that they can use to solve the problems of the 21st century. The following page shows on the one hand articles about legal regulations concerning dealing with dangerous substances, on the other hand articles about evaluation methods of chemical substances and reactions. These materials are intended to motivate the prospective chemist to question his own doings regarding the largest possible integral benefit.
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